Coconut Water: Go Nuts for It!

In the past few years there has been an increasing demand for coconut water, and rightfully so! Coconut water is an excellent alternative for people who tend to be health conscious, and prefer flavored drinks over water. You might be wondering where this tropical beverage comes from; coconut water is the sweet, clear liquid that…

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Single Brew Plastic Cup Creates Chaos

More and more, when we talk with companies who want to offer coffee and hot tea service for the office, many of their staff members express the concern of recyclability when it comes to single-serve hot beverage systems. Recycling, becoming LEED certified, or just generally going green in the workplace has become an important mission…

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The $5.00 Candy Bar… Wait? What?

It wasn’t long ago that you may have noticed credit and debit card readers start to pop-up on vending machines in public places by major Bottlers like Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Paying electronically for small purchases like snacks, candy, or beverages is nothing new. What happens after the transaction in the case of a vending machine…

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